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Victims Services

The Victim Service Advocate provides support to victims of crime as they navigate the Justice system. Support includes communication with appropriate police services, including contacting on behalf of the victim, attending when giving statements, advocacy with police services, and more. The Victim Service Advocate communicates with the crowns office to ensure transparency and relevant information is passed to the victims in a timely manner. The Victim Service Advocate attends court to support the victim, assists the victim in understanding the process of court, as well as debriefs following the event. The Victim Service Advocate acts as a voice for the victim when necessary, ensuring the individual's rights are being met. Other assistance can also be provided.

The Social Worker works with the Victim Service Advocate to provide wrap around services to victims of crime. The Social Worker offers counselling to individuals following a traumatic experience in an effort to help them heal from the crime and to also help prepare for upcoming court, if so applies. The Social Worker makes referrals to other agencies and works within the Adult Justice System and the Child Justice System, including Family Welfare.

The Access to Justice Team at Nokiiwin Tribal Council is focused on ending Human Trafficking in the Robinson-Superior Treaty area, including the city of Thunder Bay. Currently, Victim Services is working with other agencies in town to support the efforts to end the trafficking of victims in our communities. The Access to Justice Team will be expanding the Ziigwin (Rise Up) program in the up-coming months, but are taking referrals involving victims of trafficking currently. The team also offers Human Trafficking training that is industry specific and can be delivered to agencies, businesses, clubs, groups, and more virtually. Please contact the Victim Service Advocate for more information or to book your training session.

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For Support please contact:

Jalene Nydam, Victim Services Social Worker 
Tel.: (807) 631-1371

Jena Johnston, Victim Support Advocate 

Tel.: (807) 633-8750