Resource Wheel Description

"We Are Living Well"

This image was done using an infant, child, adult and elder in a Traditional Canoe, denoting a Return To Cultural ways and values. The circles of the canoe represent each community being serviced. The Eagle watches over us. We are moving forward in one direction in unison.


Physical Wellness

These resources focus on rehabilitation services, holistic wellness, walk-in clinics, victim services, family health teams, telehealth, emergency health services, diabetic foot care, medical device loans, public health units, hospitals, therapy services, dental programs, crisis response, NIHB services, assisted living, family care/support services, pharmacy, brain injury services, cancer services, disabilities services, pain management programs, wheelchair recycling, optometry services, renal services, spinal cord injury services, stroke clinics, lung associations, and hearing and vision programs.

Mental Wellness

These resources focus on holistic care, traditional and non-traditional counselling services, mental health services, family services, victim crisis services, healing lodges, addictions support groups, addictions treatment services, mental health hotlines, health benefits coverage, emergency services, women’s services, police services, clinic services, legal services, community health services, telehealth, First Nation organizations, psychiatric services, and pharmacy locations.

Emotional Wellness

These resources focus on family care, holistic care, violence prevention, legal services, advocacy, education services, children’s services, food banks/services, housing, community development, public health, recreation services, justice services, assisted living services, palliative care services, government support services, First Nation organizations, transport services, health organizations, shelter services, and respite care.

Spiritual Wellness

These resources focus on spiritual, traditional, religious, cultural, counselling and land-based practices. They can be accessed to address existing spiritual challenges or to engage in spiritual practices.