Comprehensive Community Planning

Comprehensive Community Planning & Advisory Services

What is Comprehensive Community Planning (CCP)?

Comprehensive Community Planning (CCP) is an Indigenous-designed way of developing a long-term community plan that is holistic and integrates the work of all the departments and programs in a community-led vision for the future. You might think of it like a bundle that holds and organizes other plans in the community. A CCP helps elevate the voice of the community and the priorities they set to leadership and staff, where CCP Objectives can give important context and guidance to shorter-term plans and strategies. Through working together and deciding what’s important, the community determines what goes into the bundle. 

A CCP reflects the history, values, culture, interconnectedness of community and demonstrates how all people in the community contribute to bringing the community vision to life. CCPs are living plans, they can and should be revised and updated as the community develops and reaches goals. 

To learn more about the CCP process and how it started visit:

How can the Nokiiwin CCP Advisor support your community planning efforts?

The Nokiiwin Tribal Council Comprehensive Community Planning (CCP) Advisor role was launched in 2020 to support our communities’ CCP development efforts andimplementation projects. Our CCP Advisor is here to support community development and planning, no matter what stage our communities are at in their CCP work. They can assist with any of the following, upon request:

  • Workplan development
  • Community input session facilitation
  • Promotion of CCP engagement activities
  • Presentation development and editing
  • Community planning presentations and workshops
  • Report editing and formatting
  • Proposal/funding application development
  • Survey design and analysis
  • Action Planning
  • Implementation support (i.e. "We have a CCP, now what?")
  • Reporting tools
  • Research support


There are some amazing resources available to help communities move forward with Comprehensive Community Planning and other planning processes. We highly recommend the tools and resources available through NADF's Community Development page - get a free login to access dozens of reports and tools here: NADF CCP Landing Page

Get in Touch!

Our CCP Advisor, Lisa Haessler, was raised in northern Ontario and has over 10 years of experience in community development and strategic planning in our region. She says,

“I love the grassroots, community-driven approach of CCPs and how they set-in-motion future projects and development, based on the community’s goals. Community members know what they need and where they want to go; the CCP is a roadmap to help guide them on that path. I work with CCP Coordinators to help develop plans that are uniquely tailored to the community that is building them.”

Get in touch with her today by visiting our staff directory page