Jordan's Principle

Jordan's Principle

Jordan's Principle is a legal directive to ensure that never again will a child be forced to wait for care that is in their best interest to thrive in their home and community.

It can be used to apply for mental, physical, and educational health support to ensure your child has the care they need and your family has the resources to provide for a loved one with complex or chronic health needs.

It takes a village, and our Jordan's Principle navigator and our disabilities coordinator along with our partner service providers are here to help.





Jordan's Principle Applications

Our Jordan's Principle Coordinator is available to answer questions, write letters of support, prepare product or service requests, and assist you in applying for Jordan's Principle Funding.

Respite Care

Respite care is anything that provides a rest or relief for caregivers and families, and it's a vital part of supporting a loved one with exceptional needs. We all have to center ourselves sometimes, or how can we bring our best to others? Nokiiwin & Wesway work together to ensure your respite care needs are met in a way that suits your unique child and family needs, and many supports and activities are eligible for respite services!



Are you looking for more information, application assistance, or to speak with one of our staff about our services?

Meet our Team!

Jessica Goodman                 

Jordan's Principle Service Coordinator
Cell:     (807) 621-0996
Office: (807) 474-4230 ext. 6304

Mandy DeJardine

Jordan's Principle Service Coordinator
Cell:     (807) 632-0956
Office: (807) 474-4230 ext. 6231

Natalie Ferris

Jordan's Principle Assistant
Cell:     (807) 630-8721
Office: (807) 474-4230- ext. 6205