Your Governance Advisory service provider.

It is difficult not to overstate the importance of governance. It impacts all areas of our society and plays an essential part in  First Nation communities. 

 As your Governance Advisory service provider, Nokiiwin Tribal Council is available to assist with a variety of activities that include:

  • Strategic planning and development of government structures;
  • Streamlining basic administrative functions;
  • Interpretation of Section 74 of the Indian Act and Band Custom Elections and referenda;
  • Election codes;
  • Conflict of interest codes;
  • Codes of conduct;
  • Management training;
  • Orientation and development programs for elected officials and department managers, and;
  • Interpreting the Indian Act for members and membership registration.


For further information and/or assistance please contact:

Audrey Gilbeau

Governance Advisor
Telephone: (807) 474-4230