Economic Development

Helping our communities achieve new business and job creation successes.

Nokiiwin Tribal Council understands the goals and values of our First Nation members and provides focused business and economic development advisory services to help our communities achieve new business and job creation successes.

Ongoing specific services available to our member communities include:

  • Economic development and business advisory resources for the First Nations that make up the Nokiiwin Tribal Council;
  • Seek out and analyse business opportunities;
  • Assist with the structure and development of new business opportunities on-reserve;
  • Provide training and professional business development opportunities, and;
  • Establish and create a strong network of business relationships within the region.


NEW  - Company Stater Plus Support

Are you expanding, purchasing or starting a business? Contact Lisa Haessler, Nokiiwin's Comprehensive Community Planning Advisor to learn more about the Starter Company Plus program and how you could be eligible to receive a $5,000.00 grant. For more information about this opportunity, visit

Starter Company Plus


Contact Lisa at or call (807) 474-4230 to learn how Nokiiwin can support your application today.