Helping our communities achieve new business and job creation successes.

Nokiiwin Tribal Council understands the goals and values of our First Nation members and provides focused business and economic development advisory services to help our communities achieve new business and job creation successes.

Ongoing specific services available to our member communities include:

  • Economic development and business advisory resources for the First Nations that make up the Nokiiwin Tribal Council;
  • Seek out and analyse business opportunities;
  • Assist with the structure and development of new business opportunities on-reserve;
  • Provide training and professional business development opportunities, and;
  • Establish and create a strong network of business relationships within the region.

Contact Lisa at (807) 474-4230 to learn how Nokiiwin can support your communities' Economic Development efforts today!

NEW  - Indigenous Entrepreneur Support Program from Thunder Bay CEDC - Miinikaanan Badakidoon

In 2021, the Thunder Bay CEDC began conversations with Indigenous communities and organizations about the unique needs of Indigenous Entrepreneurs in Northern Ontario. Nokiiwin Tribal Council was invited to participate in these discussions. From these conversations, a unique program was developed and launched by the Thunder Bay CEDC to support entrepreneurs in our communities called Miinikaanan Badakidoon - which means “to plant the seeds” in Anishnaawbe from the Lake Nipigon dialect.

The program supports Indigenous Entrepreneurs in our region and in the city of Thunder Bay that are looking to start up, expand or buy an existing business. The Miinikaanan Badakidoon program provides training sessions on important business topics. During the training delivery, program participants will work with the Program Coordinator to complete a business plan and financial projections for their start up, business purchase, or expansion.

Upon completion of a business plan, participants may apply for a grant of up to $5,000. A grant committee will evaluate and provide feedback to the participants while deciding who receives funding. Grant recipients also receive a three-month mentorship as part of the program.

To learn more or fill out an intake form at:

Indigenous Business Development Program from Indigenous Tourism Ontario (ITO)

Indigenous Tourism Ontario offers one-on-one support services to Indigenous tourism businesses.  This innovative training, coaching and mentoring model uses a relationship-focused approach where businesses receive support from one of our five Business Advisory team members who are experienced and passionate about rejuvenating the Indigenous Tourism economy in Ontario.  With years of consulting experience in the areas of hospitality, tourism and business development, their IBAs are here to help with custom advisory services.  Watch ITO's quick 15 minute info session on ITO's Facebook page to learn about the IBA Program, what they do, how they support tourism operators and how you can receive IBA support services! For more information, visit our IBA Program webpage or contact ITO via email at