Nokiiwin's Disability Act

The Nokiiwin Community Disabilities Initiative Program.


In September of 2016, the Disabilities Initiative Program was added to profile of the services Nokiiwin offers to its member communities.

The Disabilities Coordinator builds awareness of disabilities on reserve, acts as an advocate and liaison, assists with resources and information, networks with organizations and service providers, and facilitates workshops in the communities.

In addition to these services, the Disabilities Program will be assessing the needs of those with disabilities living on reserve, identify gaps in services required for people with disabilities to stay in their communities, and facilitate ways to bridge those gaps.


Equipment Exchange Program

Nokiiwin has developed a partnership with a charitable organization that refurbishes used medical equipment and assisted devices. The organization has agreed to provide equipment to our First Nation members with disabilities, as needed. A protocol has been established and members wishing to access information about the program are encouraged to talk to their Community Health Representative.

Research Project

In March of 2016, Nokiiwin completed an assessment of Federal and Provincial services provided to people with disabilities living on reserve. By interviewing healthcare service providers, the assessment identified gaps in services, outlined the most urgent needs, and provides direction for future projects.

Additional and more specific research will be done in the near future in partnership with Lakehead University. The focus of project will be on developing a knowledge management tool that will improve the communication between key service providers, Community Healthcare Teams and the individuals with disabilities living on reserve and their families. The end goal is for people with disabilities to be able to stay in their communities longer, with increased access to services and improved quality of life.

The research will focus on ways to increase communication and services through a person-centered holistic approach. Information sessions will be held in each community for individuals with disabilities, their families, and health care providers. The project will be seeking volunteers who have disabilities who are interested in actively participating in the research. If you or a family member with a disability is interested in participating in the project, please contact the Disabilities Coordinator.