Community Legal Services

Providing support for our community members

Nokiiwin is committed to helping our community members navigate the justice system through our Community Legal Services.

The justice system can be a complex and anxiety-filled experience for someone with no legal training. Many families and individuals may not know what to expect or what is expected of them during the process. Nokiiwin’s Community Legal Worker, Mitch Lavoie, is here to help you each step of the way.

Community Legal Services may include: Court Support, Legal Aid Application Help, Legal Information Requests, Indian Day School Claim Form Help,

Mitch can explain legal rights and obligations in an accessible manner so you know what will happen and when it will happen, and how you can best prepare for it. We will help find you a lawyer or qualified representative if you require one. If you need an interpreter to accommodate a communication barrier, we will ensure that facilitation is provided as well. Mitch can also make an appointment for community members to receive free legal advice for Criminal and Family Law matters from our lawyer, Maura Dunk. 

Mitch can provide support for individuals appearing in the Northwest Region Satellite Courts of Marathon, Nipigon, and Geraldton. Court is currently being conducted virtually and Mitch can provide community members with date/time/dial-in information related to their court appearances.


Access to Justice Virtual Training Week Indian Day School Presentation:

The presentation above may be helpful for individuals looking to complete their Indian Day School Claim Form. Any further help or questions please contact Mitch Lavoie. We ask that the presentation not be shared on any social media. 


For Community Legal Services, please connect with Mitch Lavoie

Telephone: 807-633-7404