Canadian Firearms Safety & Hunter Education Courses 2023

Canadian Firearms Safety Course Outline:


  1. Introduction to Firearms
  2. Muzzleloaders
  3. Major Firearm Parts
  4. Basic Firearms Safety
  5. Ammunition
  6. Operating Firearms Actions
  7. Safe Handling and Carrying of Non-Restricted Firearms
  8. Firing Techniques and Procedures
  9. Care of Non-Restricted Firearms
  10. Social Responsibilities
  11. Safe Storage, Display, Transportation and Handling of Firearms
    • Practical handling of various non-restricted firearms during course with loading and unloading of ammunition (all firearms and ammunition are disabled)
    • Written Test: 50 Questions; 33 true and false; 17 multiple choice.
    • Practical Test: done one-on-one with instructor, demonstrating knowledge of ammunition, safe handling of 3 action types (chosen at random from 5 different action types)
    • Both tests require minimum of 80% to pass.
    • Minimum age to take the course is 12 years


Ontario Hunter Safety Course Outline:


  1. Responsible Hunting; Respect
  2. Wildlife Management; Ecosystems, Habitat, Food, Water, Cover, Space, Carrying Capacity
  3. Wildlife Laws; Conservation Officers, most important safety laws
  4. Rifles, Shotguns and Muzzleloaders (not included if taken with the CFSC)
  5. Bowhunting; types of bows, archery equipment, proper technique
  6. Shooting Skills/Marksmanship; sighting-in, proper aim, shooting positions
  7. Hunting Safety; alone, in groups, crossing obstacles, clothing,
  8. Tree stand Safety; equipment,
  9. Equipment, Survival and First Aid;
  10. Hunting Techniques; still, stalking, ground blinds, treestands, drives
  11. Shot Placement and Game Care; vital organs, tracking, field dressing
  12. Wildlife Identification; identifying features, common mistakes.

Written test only: 50 multiple choice questions (most with pictures), 80% required




Participants will be required to arrange their travel and accommodations. The G'minoomaadozimin "We Are Living Well" Health and Safety Initiative will not be able to support travel and accommodation costs, at this time. If this affects your ability to attend this training session, please reach out to


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