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January 23-25, 2024



The G'minnomaadozimin "We Are Living Well" Health and Safety Initiative is aimed to enhance and advance First Nations-centric health and safety by utilizing workplace health and safety as a catalyst for change. With an emphasis on prevention, promotion, awareness initiatives, and the development of systems that will cultivate and nurture health and safety champions in the workplace, at home, and in the community, "Safe Workplaces, Safer Communities, and Safer Families".

Supervisors and Managers in every organization, on any given day, experience successes and face challenges. They are often the first person to become aware of conflicts that occur in the workplace. They must have emotional intellignce, conflict resolution skills, and familiarity with their legal obligations. This practical three-day session will engage participants to learn their legal obligations, utilize case studies, and require participants to practice the concepts learned through role-playing activities.


Tentative Agenda


January 23-25, 2024


Day 1

1. Introduction: Setting up Employees for Success

2. Legal Responsibilities

3. Importance of Effective and Ongoing Coaching

4. Barriers to Creating Positive Team Dynamics


Day 2

5. The Duty to Accommodate

6. Tackling the Toughies: How To Effectively Resolve Conflicts and Difficult Behaviours/Situations

7. Engaging in Effective Performance Discipline

8. Stages of Progressive Discipline

9. When you must Terminate Employment


Day 3

10. Creating a Psychologically Safe Workplace


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