Spirit Builders, Our Journey Away from Lateral Violence

Our Spirit Builders have become a positive force of traditional values and teachings, knowledge exchange and have brought an awareness forward that can only come from this kind of training.  We pride ourselves on the content of the Our Journey Away from Lateral Violence Training Program and look forward to sharing this knowledge with as many people as possible.  Understanding historical trauma – why we are the way we are and where do we go from here – fosters an understanding that cannot be reached anywhere else.

2 full training sessions have been completed which has resulted in a total of 36 Spirit Builders since beginning in January 2017.  Very soon we will be looking for individuals from each of our communities who are committed to creating change and building a healthier future for their community.  We ask that any interested community members, please submit a Letter of Intent explaining why you want to become a Spirit Builder, how you can use this within your community, and your level of commitment to having the “tough” talks with your fellow community members in order to initiate change.

Please contact safety@nokiiwin.com for more information or to submit a Letter of Intent to be put on file for the next training session.