Spring Elder's Gathering

Nokiiwin will be holding a gathering for Nokiiwin Elders March 29 & 30 at the South Neebing Community Centre. We hope that you can join us for two days of sharing, ceremonies, and traditional food. Registration is now closed. Please call 807-629-9362 with any questions.

What will happen at the Elder's Gathering?

A full agenda will come out soon. It is intended to be a time of sharing and ceremony, not workshops and training. We will be holding circles on various topics and the wisdom shared by the elders will inform Nokiiwin programs going forward. We are also planning recreation including Bingo. The event will run starting at 8:00 AM on March 29 and ending at 3:30 PM March 30.

Where is the South Neebing Community Centre?

It is at 1841 Mountain Rd, Thunder Bay. We can provide transportation for anyone that requires it.

What should I bring?

If you have any sacred or traditional items like a drum or pipe, please bring those with you.

I live outside of Thunder Bay. Can my travel to Thunder Bay be covered?

Yes! Please make sure you register by March 17 so we have time to make the arrangements.

Download the poster here!