November 2017 INAC Sessions

Housing Engagement and Annual Information Sessions

Register for the final Information Session (Thunder Bay) by clicking here

Presentations available for download

Agenda (pdf)

Ontario Region Update (ppt)

Canada Revenue Agency - benefits and credits (pdf)

Canada Revenue Agency - benefits and credits (ppt)

Service Canada (ppt)

Simplified Reporting Initiative (ppt)

Simplified Reporting Initiative - Questions and Answers (doc)

Fire Protection and Prevention (ppt)

Ontario Region Overview (ppt)

Major Differences & Benefits Between Types of Agreements Available to First Nations (ppt)

The Streamlined and Canada Common Funding Agreements (ppt)

Status of Women Canada (ppt)

Education (ppt)


Update October 24: The Housing Engagement Sessions have been postponed (more information). The Annual Information Sessions are still being held.

Update October 20: INAC has provided the agenda for the Annual Information Sessions. Download it here.

INAC is holding Annual Information Sessions in three locations this November. Travel and accomodations are being paid for one participant for each community for the Annual Information Sessions. 

Register for the INAC Annual Information sessions here. Download the poster here.