Working Together

Join Nokiiwin Tribal Council and our speakers for a four day event. 


The conference on October 22-23, 2019 will provide awareness to improve the health, safety and wellness to help address some of the challenges that are currently faced within our communities. The conference presenters will speak about the ways that communities can address lateral violence and harassment, cultural safety at work and safety for all community members.


Our Spirit Builder Training on October 24-25, 2019 has become a positive force of traditional values and teachings, knowledge exchange and have brought an awareness forward that can only come from this kind of training.  We pride ourselves on the content of the Our Journey Away from Lateral Violence Training Program and look forward to sharing this knowledge with as many people as possible.  Understanding historical trauma – why we are the way we are and where do we go from here – fosters an understanding that cannot be reached anywhere else.


We will sponsor 2 leaders from each First Nation in Ontario. All non-sponsored individuals are required to send a cheque of $399 to Nokiiwin Tribal Council to confirm their registration prior to October 22, 2019.


For more information and any questions, please contact Jeff Robert at or (807) 699-6204

Download provisional Agenda 



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