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Nokiiwin's Justice Team: Update from Cheryl Suggashie

As the Community Legal Worker for Nokiiwin's Justice Team everything is picking up, and the team is keeping busy with their various roles and responsibilities. We continue to actively engage with incoming phone calls and walk-in clients who require assistance with access to justice. Once per month I participate in the "Satellite Court Run" in Nipigon and Marathon.  This has me canvassing Nokiiwin community members to ensure that they have proper court support and that they understand their rights if, and when, they are involved in the legal system. We have also been presenting Public Legal Education seminars (PLEs) in the communities, with the topics primarily being Wills & Estates and Child Welfare.  Other topics that can be covered include Criminal Law, human rights, Gladue Rights among others, but these are only done at the request of the communities.  Topics that are aimed at youth may also be covered, and these include bullying, what to do if you're stopped by the police, etc.  It is our objective to visit at least four communities per month (PLEs, pre-court day, post-court day).

Contact Cheryl Suggashie for more information regarding Nokiiwin's role in community legal work at 

Nokiiwin's Justice Team: Update from Sandy Taddeo

The Support Services Office held its Gagwaanisagendam Bami’ Maamigin Anishinaabekaa(“Gathering in Support of our People”) on Sept 24th and 25th at the Nor’Wester Inn and Conference Centre. Community delegates were tasked with developing a plan for the provision of services to victims of crime in their communities, and by all accounts, the event was a success. Delegates listened as subject matter experts and health and wellness providers delivered vital information and knowledge, and Indigenous speakers delivered powerful, informative, and entertaining messages that were pertinent to the objectives of the conference. My next step is to visit each community to further develop, with the help of community members, their ideas for a victim services program in their communities.

Contact Sandy Taddeo at 
supportservices@nokiiwin.com for more information on support services offered by Nokiiwin's justice department.